Finishing band

Brate-made from a strap elastic tape or from silicone. There is a different width: from 3mm to 2.5cm

Men's rubber

Обробна тасьма (резинка) - використовується для окантовки зрізів пояса трусів, а також для декоратив

Rubber for corsetry

Rubber for corset products is used for the manufacture of corsets for medical purposes, as the basis

Elastic band

Finishing braid (rubber) - used for edging the sections of the bra belt, panties, at the top of the cups, as well as for the decorative finishing of underwear. A wider braid is used for the bra belt and panties along the waist line, it is more dense and velvety to the body. Still there are thin, narrow, openwork, silicone or in the form of ruches.